Innovative Solutions in Outdoor Advertising
and Design of Public Places

Think Big!, a brand by NAWROCKI ALPIN, focusses on process improvement in the sectors of outdoor advertising, urban development, architecture and art in the public domain.

In the past 16 years, NAWROCKI ALPIN has been successfully active in the field of high altitude access on an international basis. Projects are analyzed at first by the teams' strategists and then elaborated by creatives who deliver a unique solution involving both, high altitude access and the execution of the poject. Since 2001, the company has become ever more involved in arts and urban development.

Today, major international art events organizors as well as exhibitors are part of NAWROCKI ALPIN's client base. The higly qualified team is experienced in combining sensitive architectural visions of projects with an aesthetic concept - one reason why NAWROCKI ALPIN clients can experience the result as a reflection of uniqueness.

Think Big! is a brand of the NAWROCKI ALPIN GROUP